Dream Consulting in cooperation with DIM-CAD offers 5 ISO head forms
and verification tools according to ISO 16900-5:2016.

Full range of RPD head forms – Small, Short/Wide, Medium, Long/Narrow, Large – to be used for laboratory testing of various facepieces (face interfaces), are manufactured according to the data specified in ISO 16900-5:2016, ISO/TS 16976-2.

The head forms were manufactured based on the three-dimensional data given in CAD files available on ISO Livelink. The surface of the head forms is smooth with a hardness between 10 Shore A and 30 Shore and is able to withstand the defined laboratory testing conditions. All 5 RPD head forms contain the same sized trachea tube assembly made of stainless steel of 1 mm thick. The trachea tube is equipped with an easily accessible temperature measuring port, pressure sampling point and carbon-dioxide sampling port. The tube is designed so that it can be removed (disassembled) from the RPD head form when required.

The RPD head forms are securely mounted on the dedicated stand and the design of the stand can be adjusted or redesigned according to the individual needs and requirements of testing laboratory.

Moreover, we offer RPD verification tools i.e. verification orifices (A and B) and orifice adapter. Every RPD verification tool is made of stainless steel according to the design and dimensions specified in ISO 16900-5:2016.

For further information and orders please contact via e-mail: office@dreamconsulting.pl